Fluorophos Test System

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Advanced Instruments Fluorophos® ALP Test System, for Determination of Pasteurization in Milk. The Fluorophos system is the most sensitive, fast and reliable test for confirmation of pasteurization.

The Fluorophos ALP assay is a rapid test for verifying proper pasteurization of dairy products. Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP), found naturally in raw milk, is destroyed at temperatures slightly above the temperature necessary to destroy microorganisms pathogenic to humans. Measurement of residual phosphatase after pasteurization offers a means of verifying the products are heated to the proper temperatures and are not contaminated with raw milk. The Fluorophos ALP assay measures the ALP activity in dairy products, allowing the user to monitor the completeness of pasteurization and detect raw milk contamination.

The FLM300 Test System includes the following items. Flurophos ALP Test System, Black Body Calibration Tool, 25 µL Sample Pipette, 75 µL Sample Pipette, 2 mL Sample Pipette, 2 mL Pipette Tips(25) , 25 to 75 µL Pipette Tips (100), Fluorophos ALP Test System Users Guide, Heating Block, Heating Block Thermometer, Paper Roll Holder, Thermal Printer Paper, Cuvette Holder Cleaners, Warranty Card, Fluorophos ALP 225 test reagent set, Fluorophos ALP Calibration Set, Fluorophos ALP Pasteurization Controls, Fluorophos ALP Daily Instrument Control, and Fluorophos ALP Cuvettes.
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