3M™ Doodlebug™ Pad Holder

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Save time and energy scrubbing hard-to-reach surfaces, tanks, walls, baseboards and floor edges. Super-tough swivel threads directly onto standard handle. Handle not included. Order any standard threaded handle. Rust/red/orange color.

The Doodlebug is a complete system of pads and holders to handle a multitude of cleaning needs. Each interchangeable component is designed and constructed for a specific job. Match the pad's cleaning power to your own needs. Non-woven open web rinses clean easily. Won't rust. All measure 4-5/8" x 10". Holders feature special grippers to hold pads firmly in place which provide for easy attachment and changing of pads.

There's a labor-saving Doodlebug product for almost every food plant application:
• Scrubbing vats and cookers.
• Hand cleaning tables and work stations.
• Floor and baseboard scrubbing and stripping.
• Cleaning display cases and coolers.
• Fiberglass wall and ceiling panels.
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