Nelson-Jameson M926 Chloride Analyzer System

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Meets all of your plant's requirements:
• Accuracy and repeatability - as specified by QA/QC department.
• Speed and reliability - as required by production department.
• Simplicity and ergonomic features - as needed by lab technicians.
• Data connectivity and cost-effectiveness - as demanded by management.

An automatic chloride titrator designed for the food laboratory. Preferred by many major U.S. food companies, it functions well in a networked system or as a stand-alone chloride and salt tester. Not a conductivity meter, our M926 actually titrates chloride with silver as in official methods. Various university studies have shown that our M926 is more accurate and precise than any other rapid method of salt determination. Like the Volhard procedure, the M926 titrates chloride with silver (but without the use of silver nitrate). However, the endpoint is electronically determined, which results in better accuracy. Automatic features provide speed and simplicity, reducing labor costs and improving results. Titrations are performed in under 1-minute for many samples. Results are displayed in % salt NaCl or mg/L chloride. Best of all, the M926 is competitively priced and economical to operate at less than 10¢ per test.

How does it compare with other automatic titrators? A true food industry model - not a remake from a medical lab - the Nelson-Jameson M926 has a host of features ideal for the food industry. Ergonomic design makes it easy to introduce samples and allows easy access to electrodes for cleaning. The simple titration procedure requires little training. Calibrations are factory-set to ensure accuracy over a wide test range and prevents unauthorized adjustments. Visual user prompts appear on an LED-backlit display. Switches are embedded in a metal frame, and sealed under a vinyl shield, to permit rugged use and easy cleaning. A switch-mode power supply (100-240V input) provides protection against line surges. USB and RS232 data ports allow electronic capture and processing of results.

Results are accurate and reproducible (±3mg/L Cl) with linearity over entire read-out range. Appropriate for food testing, the M926 titrates relatively large sample aliquots. Errors induced in sampling are minimized. Microprocessor control ensures maximum reliability. Heavy-duty components stand up to continuous industrial use. Maintenance is minimal.

But, don't take our word for it. The Nelson-Jameson M926 is used by hundreds of food companies on products ranging from cheese to salsa, from hot dogs to dill pickles. It is in Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products and has been documented by university studies to compare in accuracy to the Volhard method. Call us for a free copy of studies by the University of Wisconsin Food Research Institute and Iowa State Food Science Department.

Nelson-Jameson also provides full service on our M926 Chloride Analyzers and stocks all the needed parts and solutions to keep your unit running effectively. For more details and an opportunity to discuss your salt testing needs, call our laboratory specialists at (800) 826-8302.
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