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3M Clean-Trace NG ATP Luminometer

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Clean-Trace NG Luminometer
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By using the highly sensitive and repeatable Clean-Trace NG (Next Generation) ATP Luminometer from 3M, you can be confident that the results you obtain provide a clear picture of cleaning performance.

Therefore, the actions taken on the basis of the results are sound ones that can save your company time and money. In an independent study by Cara Technology Limited, four commercially available ATP bioluminescence systems were tested for repeatability of low level ATP measurement. In the study, 30 tests were performed in accordance to the manufacturer's directions.

To measure repeatability, the swabs were spiked with identical amounts of ATP for each test reading. The study concluded the 3M Clean-Trace NG Luminometer and Clean-Trace Surface ATP test "was the most repeatable." This means you can be confident the 3M Clean-Trace System is providing you with reliable information to help you make the correct decisions for your plant, whereas other systems may leave you guessing This report is available upon request.

The hand held Clean-Trace NG Luminometer is highly portable, compact, and simple to use. The luminometer is supplied with a flexible data trending software that allows a variety of options, including clear identification of retest results alongside original results showing remedial actions and demonstrating due diligence.

The full trend analysis capabilities include filtering, sorting, charting, and graphing make reporting a snap. The luminometer comes complete with charger and software.