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BSX1000 High Capacity Walk Through Boot Scrubber Unit

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7642465 TD
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2-3/4" Disk brushes
54"H x 43"W x 96"L
Usually Ships in 3-5 Days

The user activates the system by stepping onto the platform. The cleaning solution is sprayed onto rotating brushes and transferred onto the boots from a stainless steel venturi dilution valve and metering tip to provide the desired PPM. The BSX1000 provide multiple points of contact between brush and boot. These units are designed for larger spaces and higher traffic applications.

• Walk Through: 15-25 Users/Minute
• Solid member stainless steel frame construction.
• Hinged stainless steel access grate, two removable stainless steel steps, removable combination brush assembly with one brush for each sole and four disk brushes for sides of feet, and two 33" long removable sole brushes.
• Stainless steel electrical enclosure with variable speed drive, timer and e-stop.
• Proximity sensor and spring loaded grate for unit activation.
• Three stainless steel wash-down rated 1/2hp motors and three worm gear reducers.
• Self-draining tub with four adjustable dairy approved feet.
• Solenoid activated brush spray system with venturi injector for sanitizer with flow rated at 2.5 GPM.

Connection Requirements:
• 220V ac, single phase, 15 amp electrical connection required.
• 3/8" NPTF cold water connection, 50psi recommended.
• 1.5" Tri-clamp drain connection.