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Uni-Body Entryway Foam Sanitizing System

$1,348.64 per EA


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Dual entryway unit
Usually Ships in 7-10 Days

Doorway foaming unit is simple to install and operate. Helps reduce cross contamination of foot, forklift, carts and other similar traffic thru doorways. Unit has adjustable foam and delay cycle timers for maintaining foam presence in entryways up to 6' wide. Also includes a manual override button providing instant foam when needed between cycles.
• Requires 4 cfm compressed air and 35 to 125 psi water pressure. Includes 20 color-coded metering tips, 10' discharge hose and two fan nozzles.
• Dual unit, #385-6476 for wider entryway or two adjacent doorways, includes two foamers, two 10' discharge hoses and four fan nozzles.

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