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AMMEX gloves for food processing applications

For more than 35 years, the industry experts at AMMEX have consistently provided top-quality hand protection and ensured that users have the right glove for the job.

What to expect from AMMEX gloves:

  • Exceptional quality control: AMMEX conducts in-person factory inspections for every shipment.
  • 100% Compliance: AMMEX gloves are manufactured in ethically managed factories and meet required compliance standards.
  • Best-in-class service: Nelson-Jameson’s partnership with AMMEX ensures you receive industry expert guidance and dedicated support to find the best glove for your application.

AMMEX offers various materials of gloves for a variety of tasks and jobs that require hand protection. Their top 3 food service gloves are categorized as good, better, and best.


For an all-purpose glove at a great price, it’s hard to beat X3 Industrial Clear Vinyl (GPX3). Get reliable barrier protection against cleaning solutions and other non-hazardous materials with these gloves. They contain no latex proteins, so you don't have to worry about allergic reactions. This is one of AMMEX's best-selling gloves for a reason.


When it comes to foodservice, you rarely need gloves thicker than 3 mils. X3 Industrial Black Nitrile (BX3) and X3 Industrial Blue Nitrile (X3) are great examples of affordable gloves with added strength (higher puncture resistance than latex) and comfort. Black is also considered a professional choice for front-of-the-house use.


If you require gloves that are a bit more heavy-duty, there are the 5-mil Gloveworks Industrial Black Nitrile (GPNB) gloves. For tough applications, the Gloveworks Nitrile with Raised Diamond Texture offers premium performance with options of 8-mil in orange and green or 6-mil in black and blue.