Implementing proper analysis of your dairy products is a vital step in maximizing your laboratory efficiency
and overall productivity.  Analysis can be used to determine the identity and quality of raw materials throughout
your laboratory to help optimize usage, as well as tighten targets and prevent out-of-spec products.

Bruker Optics FT-NIR and IR analyzers for quality control in the lab and production facilities are easy to use, reliable, and cost-effective final product verification. Since they are all based on the same FT-NIR platform, you can choose the right analyzer for the job without compromising on precision and accuracy, ensuring data integrity today and into the future.

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MPA II Dairy Analyzer

Sample Types

• Raw, skim, processed, and condensed milk
• Whey, UF whey, and whey concentrate
• Cream
• Whey protein and lactose concentrate
• Flavored milk
• Liquid desserts
• Infant formula liquids and premixes


• Analyzes 20x larger raw milk sample volume compared to FT-IR analyzers.
• Unique homogenizer efficiency check informs you if the homogenizer valve needs maintenance.
• Easy pumping of viscous samples like concentrates.
• Full software control with configurable sampling volumes and automated cleaning cycles.

Utilizing the software controlled Liquid Sampling Module (LSM II), you are able to analyze both liquid and solid samples of your dairy products for quality control and analysis. Make informed decisions in a safer and more efficient way with continuous monitoring of your samples and this unit.

TANGO FT-NIR Spectrometer

Sample Types

• Cream and sour cream
• Yogurt and desserts
• Milk and whey powders
• Lactose and whey protein concentrate
• Hard and soft cheese
• Butter


• Easy to use touch screen.
• Small footprint.
• Robust and precise optics.
• Direct calibration transfer to and from all existing Bruker Optics.

Analyze and interpret your sample data using an intuitive and easy to operate device. The proven FT-NIR technology that collects and analyzes your raw data is compiled into an easy to read and understand touch screen display for quick analysis that helps you streamline your decision making process.

MATRIX-F FT-NIR Spectrometer

Sample Types

• Raw, skim, processed, and condensed milk
• Whey, UF whey, and whey concentrate
• Flavored milk
• Liquid desserts
• Infant formula liquids and premixes


• Accurate in-line results in seconds.
• Multiple components per measurement.
• Non-destructive analysis.
• Optional built-in 6-port multiplexer.
• Direct method transfer.

Using light fiber technology, this spectrometer is able to measure those difficult to reach measurement points and can be placed further away from your process and still deliver accurate results. Utilizing real-time, online FT-NIR analysis coupled with the innovation of light fiber, you are able to maximize your process monitoring without compromising accuracy or efficiency. Easily integrate this unit into your process with full support of industry standard communication protocols.

To learn more about the MATRIX-F or to place an order, contact our Laboratory Product Specialists.



MPA II Multi Purpose FT-NIR Analyzer from BOPT Marketing on Vimeo.

That's why we call it Multi Purpose Analyzer!

Tango FT-NIR Spectrometer

Analyzing cheese for parameters like dry matter, fat, protein, salt, and pH in seconds: Quality control with FT-NIR spectroscopy made simple!

FTIR Basics Series

A series of educational videos on the subject of FTIR spectroscopy covering the basics and some advanced topics.