A solution for your material handling needs

Custom bins just got easier! Whether you need special
size containers, a custom color, or containers with drop-doors or casters, we can provide you with a custom solution that precisely meets your requirements.


1 Select a vented or solid bin.
2 Choose your dimensions needed (Length x Width x Height).
3 Standard color (see color guide below) or provide custom color.custombins-color-options
4 Add options:


  • Lids – Blue, Grey, Yellow, White
  • Drains – Bulkhead or Drainplug 
  • Drain Location – Long or Short Side
  • Doors – Drop Door, Removable Door or Cut-Out Wall
  • Door Location – Long or Short Side
  • Casters – Stackable or Non-Stackable
5 Determine quantity needed – no minimum.
6 Call us with your information and receive a quote and illustration of your custom bin.

TO ORDER: Call Customer Service 800-826-8302

Note: Custom products are made to YOUR specifications; therefore orders cannot be cancelled and are not returnable unless defective.