Maintaining and maximizing your sanitation and environmental monitoring solutions is crucial to keeping
your operation running smoothly. Detection of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) on various surfaces is critical
in protecting areas against hazardous biological materials that can threaten food safety.

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ATP Best Practices Handbook

In conjunction with NSF International, this industry best practices guide was developed to provide quality assurance
managers, sanitarians and other hygiene/sanitation managers with simple, real-world best practices for implementing an ATP program that delivers optimal results.

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ATP Handbook

Video Resources:

AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation

Make better decisions faster with RFID technology, our best-in-class surface sampler, and software that enables trustworthy data.

AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation for Food Safety

Keep your food manufacturing facilities safe with accurate and reliable ATP testing.

AccuPoint® Advanced ATP Sampler Comparison

See how the AccuPoint Advanced® flat tip sampler provides better coverage for a more consistent sample.

AccuClean® Advanced Training:
3 Steps to Sanitation Verification

The fastest and simplest method to determine the cleanliness of food contact surfaces and equipment on the market. Receive a result in 10 seconds with sensitivity as low as 10 µg protein per sample.

Using AccuPoint® Advanced

AccuPoint® Advanced - A Comparison of ATP Sanitation Verification Systems

A report showing the results of an independent laboratory study comparing the top ATP testing systems for accuracy and consistency.