Aseptic sampling products to meet all your liquid sampling needs

For over three decades, QualiTru Sampling Systems has been the most trusted brand for aseptic liquid sampling.
Nelson-Jameson understands the importance of using trusted brands like QualiTru. This is why we offer a diverse
line of QualiTru products for the food, dairy, beverage, farming, and other industries, to ensure the highest level of
quality assurance.

Utilizing QualiTru Sampling Systems is a simple, dependable solution for the most accurate liquid sampling.
An established sampling plan utilizing QualiTru ports and septas will give the ability to detect potential contamination
issues before they become detrimental to the process. These products can also be installed to assist in root cause
analysis of an existing issue.

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Application Sites:

Step-by-step instructions on how to use QualiTru products correctly and effectively in various food
and beverage application sites.

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TruStream Ports

3-A Certified 316 stainless steel ports designed to work in a wide variety of locations including processing lines, silos, and tanks. They provide easy access for aseptic process monitoring of microbial contamination as well as line and tank sampling. Additional sizes and options are available by request.

TruStream Septa

Designed to allow for samples to be drawn a single time from each channel, lowering the risk of cross-contamination. Each septa is made of high-quality, food grade materials and features a label that clearly indicates which channels have been used.

Collection Units

We offer a complete line of sterile, single-use collection units in a variety of volumes, making them ideal for your sampling needs. All collection units provide worry-free handling, storing, and shipping solutions.

TruStream Accessories

Designed to work cohesively with the other QualiTru TruStream products including Ports, Septa, and Collection Units.

Sampling Training Videos:

Collecting Raw Milk Samples from Milk Tanker Training
Needle Insertion Training
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