Meet Sanitary Standards with our Hose Assemblies

Not only does Nelson-Jameson have the widest selection of hose and couplers for food, dairy and beverage processors. We also fabricate in multiple locations across the country for quicker delivery.

Take a look inside at some of our most popular hoses and if you don't see what you need or require some assistance in selecting the proper hose assembly for your application, contact one of our hose specialists for assistance.

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“SealRite™ Permanent Couplers” or “ReSeal® Reusable Couplers”

SealRite™ permanent couplers feature the newest sanitary design in radial crimp. Designed for permanent assembly one time use – not to be disassembled and reused. CIP, COP, SIP cleanable. No need to buy expensive stainless steel couplers over and over again. ReSeal® sanitary couplers offer long term savings. When your hose needs replacing, just return the stainless fittings to us for reuse on a new piece of hose. CIP, COP, SIP cleanable.

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TO ORDER: Call Customer Service 800-826-8302

Note: Custom products are made to YOUR specifications; therefore orders cannot be cancelled and are not returnable unless defective.