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Inventory is one of the most important assets to any company. Having a plan for managing your inventory is a critical component to your current and future success. Incorporating an effective inventory management program will help you not only keep track of your stock levels but also improve overall cash flow by reducing dead stock from accumulating and hurting your bottom line. SupplyRITE™ solutions such as industrial vending machine can be an effective solution to inventory management challenges.

Solutions for:

  • Staffing shortages
  • Lack of inventory management software for manufacturing, food processing, dairy plants, and more
  • Excess inventory, inefficient ordering and stockouts

How Can We Solve Inventory Challenges?

Easily Customize Your Inventory Solution with SupplyRITE

review your current inventory


Review your current inventory process with our industry experts to uncover opportunities to combat facility challenges and create savings.

improve your process


Improve your process and immediately create efficiencies and visibility with the RITE solution our inventory experts identified, proposed, and implemented.

transact and execute your day-to-day business


Transact and execute your day-to-day business effectively and efficiently with your new inventory solution while our team ensures you have what you need, when you need it.

evaluate your inventory solution


Evaluate your inventory solution consistently to provide continuous improvement feedback and ensure program success.

How can SupplyRITE Work for Your Business?

We provide a full range of services, including industrial vending machines, from 100% customer-managed to 100% Nelson-Jameson managed. After thoroughly evaluating your current process, we can determine the best course of action for solving your inventory challenges, including implementing inventory vending machines, PPE vending machines, and safety equipment vending machines.

No matter the size of your operation or the scope of your inventory, we can assist you in implementing the best solution to fit your business.

Solutions Expertly Chosen to Meet Your Unique Inventory Needs

Customer Managed

analysis of purchase history

Analysis of purchase history to define the usage and assist in creating ordering parameters.

establish efficient ordering methods

Establish efficient ordering methods via order guides and E-procurement channels.

identification and organization of inventory

Identification and organization of inventory with an established reorder process.

Nelson-Jameson managed inventory on-site suggestive ordering

Nelson-Jameson managed inventory—such as on-site suggestive ordering.

Nelson-Jameson Managed

Nelson-Jameson managed inventory storeroom and/or vending equipment

Nelson-Jameson managed inventory storeroom and/or vending equipment involvement.

SupplyRITE managed inventory vending equipment collage

Why Choose SupplyRITE™ for Your Inventory Solution?

  • Capture cost savings and efficiencies through standardization, consolidation, and PO reduction.
  • Boost productivity and streamline inventory processes.
  • Create better visibility to usage information, reporting, and tracking.
  • Reduce product loss and downtime by having the products you need when needed.

To learn more, download our Inventory Solutions Flyer or contact our team at [email protected]

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