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CrewSafe® X-traSafe CU Safety Utility Knife

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Designed to reduce recordable injuries from lacerations, and virtually eliminate handling loose blades, blade changes and blades contaminating processed or served foods. This safe, user-friendly and clearly visible knife can be safely used for general duty cutting applications in many industries including food service, food processing, medical, grocery, retail, and convenience stores. The handle is lightweight and comfortable for a secure, non-fatiguing grip, while the box tape cutter reduces wear on the blade and easily opens boxes without damaging contents. A patented safety guard system locks after each cut and stays locked until the trigger is released and squeezed again, leaving no loose or exposed blades. The surgical stainless steel blade is permanently imbedded in the handle of the knife so you never need to change blades or worry about stray blades contaminating product.  

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