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Deptil Q4™ Exterior Cleaner and Sanitizer

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Deptil Q4™ sanitizer is a highly-effective exterior cleaner with cationic surfactants that work against gram negative bacteria, yeast, and algae. Formulated with aliphatic and aromatic compounds, Deptil Q4™ provides exceptional cleaning performance and reduce the risk of developed resistance. Containing 10% active food contact sanitizer by utilizing the four chain quat, 5th generation quat., this unique concentration will provide the industry standard 1-oz to 4-gal dilution for a 200 ppm active sanitizer, allowing 400 ppm active quat sanitizer with no rinse. Solution  is designed to take action against residual microbiocidal acitivity that may be present after cleaning. With exceptional hard water tolerance, Deptil Q4™ is ideal for sanitizing exterior of equipment, walls, ceilings, floors, drains, foot baths, and doorway foamers. EPA registered.