Dirt/Rust Water Filter Cartridge

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Made by an exclusive process in which pure white cellulose fibers are permanently arranged in the form of a porous rigid cylinder. The spaces between fibers become gradually smaller toward the center cavity. In this way larger particles are trapped in the outer layers, while at the inner layers small particles are trapped. Only clean water flows up through the cavity into the outlet water stream. Select the cartridge to meet your needs: 5-micron for normal filtration conditions or 50-micron for heavy dirt load. Use for hot or cold water service: maximum temperature for these cartridges is 210°F (99°C). Hot water applications require stainless steel housings. Maximum flow 8 gpm per cartridge. Dimensions: 9-3/4"H x 2-1/2" Dia. 1" centerhole. Constructed of materials which meet FDA requirements for use with potable water, beverages, and food products. 
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