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Hydri-San No. 468 Anionic Surfactant

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Hydri-San No. 468 Anionic Surfactant is a liquid sanitizer formulated with high-acid components that eliminate mineral films in food processing and dairy plant operations. Compatible with all types of membranes (RO, NF, UF, and MF) to effectively prevent membrane fouling. Unique anionic formula is highly concentrated for economical use dilutions for superior surface sanitation. Biodegradable and moderately foaming, Hydri-San No. 468 Anionic Surfactant is recommended for sanitation of all dairy, meat, and food processing equipment. Solution is non-corrosive to stainless steel and does not harm rubber parts and pieces. Approved for use in all food plants including meat, poultry, egg, and dairy. EPA Registered.