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Creating a More Secure Password


Creating new passwords that are secure and unique to a site can be difficult, but it is worth it to keep you safer online.

Current security technologies suggest making secure passwords that are long and use words that you can easily remember.

Secure Passwords

The passwords below are more secure than creating a password that is difficult for you to remember.

  • bluenitrilegloves47
  • horsestapleblacktie3

Insecure Passwords

Passwords that are hard for you to recall, but easy for hackers to crack, look something like this:

  • 135t0rn4d0!

We definitely suggest changing your password if it is like the following, which are all very easy for hackers to figure out.
At a minimum, you must make your password 8 characters long.

Very Insecure Passwords:

  • compaq
  • 7777777
  • password1
  • rosebud