SP Bel-Art Sterileware® Double Bagged Sterile Scoop Sampling System

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Double bagging reduces contamination in multi-zone clean rooms while the included lid eliminates the cost of separate sterile bags or containers. 10 individually packaged scoops are sealed in an outer bag to create multiples layers of protection against contaminants and debris. Snap-on lid allows scoop to be used as a container for transport, lock-tab can be bent under for a tighter seal. Sampling data can be marked on the lid with wax pencil, pre-marked label, or labeling tape to facilitate tracking. Scoops remain upright when placed on a flat surface can be used as weighing boats. Long handle increases the distance between the hand and sample to reduce contamination potential. FDA grade polystyrene safe for food, drug, and cosmetic use. Gamma irradiated sterile to SAL 10-6. Lot stamped for accurate lot tracing, and shipped with a Certificate of Processing for Sterilization.
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