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BSX100 Manual Single Boot Scrubber Unit

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7642451 D
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Wet Unit
44"H x 16"W x 29"L
Usually Ships in 3-5 Days

When a user steps onto the platform, the system is activated and cleaning solution is sprayed onto the boot and brushes through a stainless steel venturi dilution valve and metering tip to provide the desired PPM. The user moves their boot back and forth through the brushes supplying the mechanical scrubbing action. The BSX100 is ideal for tight spaces and low traffic applications. Available as a wet or dry unit. Chemicals sold separately.

• Slow Walk Through: 2-3 Users/Minute. Fast Walk Through: 3-6 Users/Minute.
• Solid member stainless steel frame construction and hand rail.
• One removable sole brush and four removable vertical side brushes.
• Wet Unit: Spring actuated sanitizer valve mounted under removable stainless steel foot plate for spray activation.
• Wet Unit: Four stainless steel spray bars apply sanitizer through brushes.
• Wet Unit: Requires venturi injector kit (sold separately) for sanitizer with flow rated at 1.5 GPM.

Connection Requirements:
• Wet Unit: 3/8" NPTF cold water connection, 50psi recommended.
• No drain connection - open frame with no drain.