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Since 1995, Best Sanitizers Inc. has been providing industries including food processing, janitorial and sanitation, and healthcare with high quality products and support. They continue to explore new and innovative ways to deliver hand and surface hygiene solutions with stringent practices and policies that ensure their products do what they say they’ll do—so you can use them with confidence.

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Enhance Your Footwear Hygiene Program

Unsanitary footwear can quickly spread microorganisms throughout the processing environment,
placing the safety of products at risk.By incorporating an effective cleaning and sanitizing process into your footwear hygiene program, you can greatly reduce cross-contamination and minimize maintenance time and expense. Together, Best Sanitizers and Nelson-Jameson provide solutions to help maximize pathogen protection in your facility. 


Have access to complimentary:

On-site Evaluations

Best Sanitizers will conduct a personalized facility assessment and provide a plan to improve your sanitation program.

Ongoing Technical Support

Technical Specialists from Nelson-Jameson and Best Sanitizers are available to assist with preventative
maintenance and troubleshooting.

On-site Trainings

A knowledgeable staff is key for an effective sanitation program. Continue to educate your employees with trainings on hand and footwear hygiene,
and surface sanitation.

For more information on Cleaning and Sanitizing, visit our Learning Center.

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Shop Footwear Sanitation:


HACCP SmartStep2

BSX800 Compact Walk Through Boot Scrubber

Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizer

Alpet D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer

Additional Footwear Sanitation Products

Prevent cross-contamination by using our Boot & Scrubber Selection Guide to identify what boots and scrubbers are best suited to your application.

Achieve an effective sanitation program in your facility by referencing our Footwear & Surface Sanitation Products flyer—featuring sanitizing units, disinfectant mats, chemicals, and more.