Correctly sizing your brush is critical for optimal cleaning. When selecting the diameter of the brush used to clean the interior of tubing, pipes, drains, valves, etc., keep these tips in mind:

  • The key to efficiency is maximum tip contact to the surface—the tips of the brush are what provides proper cleaning.
  • Select a brush with an outside diameter exactly the inside diameter of the pipe.
  • A larger diameter brush will bend when entering the pipe providing less effective cleaning as the bristle tips will not contact the surface. This will cause extra wear and tear on your brush, and may result in the brush getting stuck in the pipe.
  • A smaller diameter brush with require additional passes in order to clean and may result in missed areas.
  • The handle of your brush should reach the entire length of your pipe or tubing for quick and effective cleaning.
Assorted sizes and colors of pipe brushesAssorted sizes and colors of pipe brushes

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