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Dairy Farmer Applications


Delvotest® helps to ensure milk is free from antibiotic residues. By testing on an individual cow level,
farms can be assured they will not contaminate their bulk tank, preventing the unnecessary destruction
of milk. Testing costs are minimal compared to the cost associated with quality issues or a single fine,
providing farmers a low-cost insurance for their business.

Delvotest® antibiotic residue tests from dsm-firmenich eliminate the uncertainties dairy farmers face when testing for antibiotics in milk. Whether you are testing a bulk tank, or an individual bovine, sheep, goat or buffalo, the consequences of an unreliable test can be costly and devastating. Compared to other antibiotic residue tests on the market, Delvotest® provides low initial start-up costs. Nelson-Jameson offers a promotional start up kit with everything you need to get started. Ask a product manager today for more details!

As a dairy farmer, you face uncertainties and questions.

  • Consider the cows you just purchased. The seller said they were healthy and clear of any antibiotics, but are they?
  • How about that cow you've been treating? You've waited the recommended amount of time. She should be clear. She probably is. Can you be sure?
  • What kind of antibiotic residue tests will be conducted at the dairy, and downstream from there? Will your results meet their standards?
  • How will antibiotic residue standards change, and when? In today's global economy, you do not know where your dairy products might end up, and what regulations might apply.

Recommended for Dairy Farmers:

Delvotest® SP-NT (25 tests/kit or 100 tests/kit)

Delvotest® SP-NT is available in a convenient test kit that is perfect for screening individual cows and bulk tanks.

  • Detects the broadest spectrum of antibiotics.
  • Detection limits are in-line with FDA tolerances/safe levels.
  • No tablet required, just add milk to the ampoule.
  • Requires the use of a Delvotest® incubator.
  • Accurate results in under three hours.
  • Results are indicated by color.
  • Self-contained kits, except for the required block heater.
  • Each kit contains individual plastic ampoules containing Bacillus stearothermophilus in a solid medium, disposable pipet, and instructions.

Delvotest® T (25 tests/kit or 100 tests/kit)

Delvotest® T is a broad spectrum test that identifies a variety of antibiotics at or below Maximum Residue Levels with a higher sensitivity for tetracycline. It features robust performance and consistent results, and has become the industry benchmark to detect antibiotic residues in milk throughout the dairy chain.