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Delvotest Antibiotic Residue Tests

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Be Certain With Delvotest®

Known for its reliability and accuracy with detection levels closest to Maximum Residue Levels and Safe Tolerance Levels (US), Delvotest® is chosen as the national reference test in most countries worldwide, and is AFNOR & AOAC certified.

Dairy processors and farmers must avoid passing antibiotic-contaminated milk into the supply stream. The consequences can be costly and devastating to their business. Uncertainties such as the health of a newly-purchased dairy cow, the reliability of previous test methods and results, and ever-changing antibiotic residue government standards all factor into the importance of choosing the most trustworthy test.

No matter where you stand in the milk industry, when you buy into Delvotest® you buy into over 40 years of experience and expertise in the milk testing industry.

Delvotest in useDelvotest in use

Delvotest® For Every Need

Delvotest® test kits cover three different market areas. Click on the link below that is most suitable for your needs to see which kit is right for you!


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