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Chlorine Resistant High-Wall™ Disinfectant Mat™

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Product Details
For applications requiring deeper foot immersion, try this chlorine resistant mat. You can be sure that footwear is sanitized and the soles are scrubbed off. Height guarantees that sanitizing solution contacts sole, sides, and welt area of boots, penetrating even into deep treads. Depth of sanitizing solution is three times that of our standard disinfectant mat. Footwear gets a thorough bath to eliminate both bacteria and soil. 

Features the same double-action that made our standard Disinfectant Mat™ famous. Rubber fingers scrub soles of shoes clean, holding them out of accumulated sediment, while sanitizing solution disinfects them. 

Larger size assures compliance. Size is 60% larger to cover most doorways and guarantees that personnel will not bypass the foot bath. It is long enough for workers to step in it with both feet without breaking their stride. Interior corners allow use of simple hand pump to empty spent sanitizing solution without spilling on the floor. Holds up to 20-quarts of solution.

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