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Ansell's dedication to safety and personal protection solutions has cultivated a comprehensive selection of PPE for the indoor agriculture industry and in industrial vertical farming.

Protection from Hazardous Agricultural Chemicals During Indoor Cultivation

Pesticide safety for agricultural workers must be seriously considered because chemicals from indoor farming can pose health and safety risks. Taking appropriate precautions and using proper personal protective equipment for indoor growing can reduce the risk of dangerous exposure.

A detailed understanding of the substances being used and their level of risk is crucial in determining the appropriate personal protective equipment for cannabis farming, commercial hydroponics, and other large-scale indoor agriculture setups.

Indoor Agriculture PPE.

Cultivation & Extraction Applications

Confirm which disposable glove is safe for your application by using the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) measurement system. Exam grade gloves with an AQL of 2.5 or less are recommended for use in the cultivation process to reduce the risk of tears. Learn more about AQL measurements >


LSE-104 Gloves

Dual-layer, dual-color design for added protection.

0.65 AQL

TOUCH 93-732

TOUCH 93-732 Gloves

Enhanced dexterity and tactility in a thin, yet strong design.

1.5 AQL


MK-296 Gloves

Distinct black color hides stains and improves visibility of light-colored objects.

1.5 AQL

MicroFlex Blaze N48.

MICROFLEX® Blaze® N48 Gloves

High-visibility for protection you can see.

1.5 AQL

MicroFlex 92-134.

MICROFLEX® 92-134 Gloves

Soft nitrile provides comfortable fit and feel.

1.5 AQL

Maintenance & General Use

Multi-purpose gloves provide additional protection while handling product. Experience improved grip and dexterity with abrasion and cut resistant options. Learn more about Cut-Resistant Gloves >

Hyflex® 11-644 Gloves

Combining cut protection, advanced durability, and dexterity.

Hyflex® 11-840 Gloves

2x more grip and greater abrasion protection.

HyFlex® 11-816 Gloves

Lightweight with barehand-like dexterity and comfort.

HyFlex® 11-561 Gloves

Thinnest, lightest ANSI A3-level glove that offers 100% greater durability.

HyFlex® 11-318 Gloves

Improved cut protection with barehand-like comfort.

Chemical Handling

A protective barrier against hazardous chemicals—reducing direct exposure.

AlphaTec 58-735.

AlphaTec® 58-735 Gloves

Cut-protective, chemical resistant gloves with high-visibility liner.

AlphaTec 37-310.

AlphaTec® 37-310 Gloves

Thin, durable glove with light chemical protection.

AlphaTec 1800 STANDARD Bound Model 111.

AlphaTec® 1800 STANDARD Bound
Model 111

Comfortable, protective coverall with superior strength and liquid particle barrier protection. Non-woven microporous polyethylene laminate material.

AlphaTec 1500 PLUS Stitched Model 111.

AlphaTec® 1500 PLUS Stitched
Model 111

Coverall acts as a barrier against particulates and mists. SMS fabric with anti-static treatment.

What is an Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)?

A standard testing process to evaluate the integrity of a disposable glove. The AQL measurement determines the highest number of defects (holes) accepted in a randomly selected batch of gloves. The lower the AQL, the better the quality of the glove and the less likely there will be defects.

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AQL ratings.
AQL 4.0Suitable for industrial applications
AQL 2.5Minimum standard for medical applications
AQL 0.65Better AQL than standard exam-grade gloves
AQL 0.4Highest known standard for barrier quality and consistency

Cut-Resistant Gloves

Ansell gloves are assigned an ANSI cut resistance level (A1 to A9) using the ASTM F2992-15 testing method. Gloves are rated by the weight (in grams) needed to cut through the material—the higher the weight, the higher the cut level and the better protection for high risk applications.

ANSI cut resistant A1 to ANSI A3 cut rating Application with Low Cut Risk

ANSI A4 cut rating to ANSI A9 cut rating Application with High Risk of Cuts & Lacerations

ANSI cut resistant ratings and markings for Ansell gloves and PPE.

Cut-Resistant Levels:

ANSI LEVEL Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Weight (grams) need to cut through glove material ≥200g ≥500g ≥1,000g ≥1,500g ≥2,200g ≥3,000g ≥4,000g ≥5,000g ≥6,000g
TYPICAL TASKS General purpose, warehousing, small parts assembly General purpose, plastics injection and moulding, pulp and paper Raw material handling, general manufacturing, construction HVAC, aerospace, food prep Glass or metal sheet handling, automotive assembly, HVAC Metal fabrication, glass manufacturing, changing blades Meat prep/processing, glass manufacturing, metal stamping Metal stamping, recycling, heavy assembly Sharp metal stamping, recycle sorting, metal fabrication

Glove Material Comparisons

Glove MaterialComfortPerformanceProtectionComment
Natural Rubber Latex• Highest comfort with elasticity & dexterity
• Great wet and dry grip
• Allergenic: Type I and Type IV
Nitrile• Strong and durable material
• Excellent puncture and abrasion resistance
• Good chemical splash resistance
Neoprene• Broad chemical splash resistance
• Maintain flexibility across wide range of temperatures
• Consistent performance even in wet environments
Polyisoprene• As comfortable as natural rubber latex
• Second skin fit and feel
• Reduces the risk of Type I and Type IV allergies
Vinyl• Most economical
• Provides lowest level of protection and performance
Low Moderate High Very High
  • Color-coded gloves for different applications can help prevent cross-contamination and allow for easy identification.
  • A thicker mil glove does not equate to chemical protection—the composition material does.
  • Using ergonomically designed gloves can help support musculoskeletal health and reduce hand fatigue.

AnsellGUARDIAN® PPE Assessments

Personalized risk management solutions to optimize PPE dispensing and business performance. Improve worker safety, increase productivity, and lower overall costs. 

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