Delfin Industrial has over 30 years of innovation in the industrial vacuum system market—with a diverse product line of more than 140 models and 1,500 configurations to cover any application, dust type, and
niche industry for total dust mitigation.

What Is Total Dust Mitigation?

A three part, start-to-finish dust collection system to create a safe, efficient, and productive workplace by
utilizing pneumatic conveyance, dust collectors, and industrial vacuums.

Why Is Total Dust Mitigation Important?

By integrating a complete dust collection system in your facility, you can mitigate
the threat of cross contamination and combustible dust.

What Is Pneumatic Conveyance?

A pneumatic conveyor system, preferred for moving dust, grain and solid material from one point to another, exclusively by means of vacuum power. The system is entirely closed, preventing any risk of contamination due to product dispersion during transport.

What Are Dust Collectors?

Dust collectors use localized suction to extract airborne dust and light particles during the manufacturing process.

What Are Industrial Vacuums?

Industrial vacuums provide industrial-strength dust extraction with the convenience of portability. Ideal for cleaning production lines and machinery after the process.

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