NEOGEN’s food allergen test kits accurately detect a wide range of food allergens, including allergens
of regulatory importance to governments worldwide. They offer solutions for testing ingredients, liquids,
clean-in-place (CIP) rinses, finished foods, and on environmental surfaces—fitting smoothly into any
allergen control plan.

Undeclared allergens are one of the most common causes for food product recalls, and preventing
cross-contamination of food allergens is one of the biggest challenges faced by the food industry.
Research continues to show the number of people with food allergies is growing—making it critical
for food manufacturers to implement rigorous allergen control plans.

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Food Allergen Handbook

This food allergen handbook were created in collaboration with the University of Nebraska’s Food Allergy Research and Resource Program (FARRP) to help companies understand and develop food allergen controls. Topics covered include:

  • Why test for food allergens?
  • Testing methods and how they work
  • Sampling guidelines

View/Download the Neogen® Food Allergen Handbook

Video Resources:

Tech Tip: Food Allergen Testing Methods

Max Wolf, Food Safety Product Manager, talks about the difference between environmental and product testing for food allergens, and how NEOGEN® can support either approach

Tech Tip: Scales in Food Allergen Detection

Tony Lupo explores the importance of understanding the scales that express results in food allergen detection.

Veratox® Food Allergens: Veratox® Assay Procedure

This video demonstrates how to test an extracted sample using NEOGEN®’s Veratox® Food Allergen test kits.

Reveal® 3-D Allergen Testing

The Reveal® 3-D allergen kit makes it easy to test for specific food allergens. This video provides step-by-step instructions on preparing and operating the Reveal 3-D allergen test and interpreting the results. The video demonstrates the extractions of allergens from rinse water samples, environmental swabs, and food samples