ucm340020 Source: FDA

The safety of the food supply is something we all count on. Food safety issues can be tough to contend with, but can you imagine someone intentionally tampering with the food supply and possibly causing you or your family harm? A focus on food defense in your operation can help reduce the risk of people within or outside of your operation maliciously tainting your product and causing illness or injury to your customers.

Where do you start with taking on such an unpleasant possibility like this, though? The FDA, understanding that the concept of "Food Defense" may be a bit overwhelming for food operations, has created the Food Defense Plan Builder. The program is available as a free download on the agency's website.  You can download it here.

The download does not require formal registration. Once inside, the program can easily be navigated thanks to clearly labeled tabs that contain information and forms to help assess and build up your food defense plan. From "Company Information" to "Focused Mitigation Strategies," to getting a comprehensive list of "Emergency Contacts," users are given access to resources and forms intended to help an operation take a critical look at food defense plans and contingencies. Users are guided through each process in an accessible and practical form that makes taking on such a unthinkable and difficult issue that much more easy.

Preventing malicious attacks on the food supply starts with you, your employees, and your operation. The Food Defense Plan Builder can help raise awareness, engage critical thought concerning the topic, and provide common resources for employees.  For questions about the program, operating requirements, etc, click here.