In a fast paced world where everything is literally just a tap on a touch screen away and there is an “app” for almost everything, there is still something to be said for stability, longevity & history. At Nelson-Jameson we try hard to achieve a balance between forging ahead with technology and also respecting and embracing what has always worked for us.

If you are reading this blog on our newly revamped website, you are seeing the result of the countless hours that were spent company- wide to launch our new streamlined website.

But, at the same time we have been putting together the 585 page 2012-2013 printed edition of our Buyers Guide. For many, flipping through this comprehensive catalog of what Nelson-Jameson has to offer the dairy and food processing industries is still the best way to find what they need.

This new edition was recently mailed to many of our customers. To download our new catalog, simply click here. Or if you would like to request a printed version, click here.