Discover the world of sanitary gaskets with our comprehensive range of flexible and non-toxic gasket compounds that adhere to stringent FDA specifications. Engineered for direct contact with dairy products and edible oils, these gaskets are also designed to meet the criteria set by 3-A, USDA, and NSF standards. Not only do they exhibit low-swell characteristics, making them well-suited for exposure to oils, steam, and water, but they also won't absorb taste or odors, ensuring the integrity of your products. Our gaskets are available in various materials, including the popular Buna-N, known for its oil resistance, EPDM for steam and hot water service, Viton with exceptional fluid resistance, silicone for outstanding low-temperature flexibility, and Teflon with an impressive temperature range. Each material comes with its unique set of properties, catering to specific application requirements. Shop with confidence, knowing that our gaskets are sold individually, and reach out to our knowledgeable product specialists for any inquiries. Whether it's Buna-N, EPDM, Viton, Silicone, or Teflon, find the perfect gasket material to meet your needs and ensure the highest standards of performance and reliability.


Our most popular gasket material. Also called nitrile or NBR, this oil-resistant rubber compound has excellent compression set, tear and abrasion resistance. Ozone degrades Buna-N, so don't store gaskets near electric motors and other ozone sources.



Good for steam/hot water service. This rubber compound has good resistance to animal and vegetable oils,mild acids, dilute alkalies, silicone oils and greases, phosphates, esters, ketones and alcohols. Not recommended for petroleum oils or diester-based lubricants. Resists water absorption.



With one of the best fluid resistance characteristics of any commercial elastomer, Viton is particularly resistant to oils, fuels, lubricants and most mineral acids. Viton withstands high temperatures and retains good mechanical properties, oil and chemical resistance. Remains usefully elastic indefinitely in air oven testing up to 400°F or, intermittently to 500°F. Excellent for steam service.



Outstanding low-temperature flexibility. This rubber compound resists lubrication, animal and vegetable oils, most dilute acids and alkalies. Excellent ozone and weathering resistance. Also resists many solvents that can cause excess swelling.



A plastic with an outstanding temperature range. Resists all chemicals except alakali metals, fluorine and some fluorinated chemicals. Because it is not a rubber compound, it will not return to its original shape when compressed. Envelope gaskets of Teflon with a rubber core are available to solve this problem.


Note: Listed by size of tube OD, not by ID/OD of gasket. Call our gasket and O-ring product specialists with questions. Gaskets sold individually, but order in package quantities for more economical pricing.

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