American Institute of Philanthropy

Charity Watch

With beliefs and ethics at heart, we consider all potential organizations, whether large or small, for providing financial contributions. We resonate with organizations that set charitable goals that are meaningful to our mission and values.

American Institute of Philanthropy is an independent, assertive organization that seeks to provide reliable information for the contributing donor. Providing in-depth analysis and reporting, donors are informed about how to effectively maximize their contributions to specific causes and organizations that are important to them. Their efficient work allows fund contributions to go completely to the programs that donors selected to support and funds are used for their intended purposes.

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Foundation Mission

The Nelson-Jameson Foundation (NJF) is focused on supporting philanthropic organizations that enhance our core value as a Golden Rule Company. Grants are targeted toward charitable programs that are related to the food and dairy industries or support charities that are important to Nelson-Jameson employees and the communities in which they reside.