Nelson-Jameson is serious about being your one-stop supply source. Besides products and services, we know the importance and power of knowledge in the food industry. Lately, we’ve been expanding the reach of Nelson-Jameson through Facebook®, Twitter, and through "The Wide Line" Blog. These past few months, we’ve focused on posting news, tips, and discussions relevant to your food industry concerns. Nelson-Jameson is aiming to get the practical and extensive knowledge we have about the industry to be just a click away for all of our customers. Topics ranging from safety to replacing electrodes have been dealt with so far, with a wide spectrum of topics to come.

It is far from a one-way mode of communication though. Our greatest excitement about using these new forums comes from the fact that they will provide a convenient and quick place for customer and vendor insight, concerns, comments, etc.! So, be in touch! Let Nelson-Jameson know what you would like to see and what you think of topics at hand on Facebook®, Twitter, and on "The Wide Line" Blog. We hope to hear your voice! Be sure to keep checking in with Nelson-Jameson for new posts, updates, and product news!