Women In Leadership at Nelson-Jameson 2023

Nelson-Jameson consists of a team of highly motivated and knowledgeable individuals, including dedicated leaders. Within our ranks, numerous women hold key leadership positions, significantly impacting their teams and paving the way for aspiring female leaders. It is with great pride that we present the Women In Leadership Class of 2023.

We take immense pride in being recognized as a certified Great Place to Work, a testament to our commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture. At the heart of our success is a dedication to promoting women's leadership within our organization. We believe in providing equal opportunities for professional growth, and our certification reflects the empowerment and support we offer to women in leadership roles. By cultivating a workplace where women thrive and contribute significantly to our success, we continue to strengthen our reputation as an employer of choice, dedicated to diversity, equality, and a truly great work environment for all.


Meet Jessica Dolinsky

Department Manager - Laboratory Products

Educational Background: UW-La Crosse, Bachelor of Science - Biology

Professional Background: After college, I worked at Covance in Madison, WI (now Eurofins) in the Nutritional Chemistry and Food Safety department as an Analytical Chemist. I was also part of their process support program, where I would travel to various customer sights in the US, to assist with material/product testing for new product line start-ups. I took an opportunity with Nelson-Jameson in 2014 as a Technical Sales Manager for the lab team. Since then I have worked in the Product Management/Assistant Department Manager role, and most recently have been promoted to the Department Manager of the Lab Department.

What brought you me Nelson-Jameson: I learned of Nelson-Jameson through a lifelong acquaintance and friend, Cathy Laube. The opportunity as Technical Sales Manager was very appealing to me and aligned well with my background. After witnessing the family culture of the company I was sold and have been with NJ for almost 9 years!

Career Milestone: In 2022, I was recognized as the Joseph Mityas Laboratorian of the Year, by the Wisconsin Laboratory Association. Many of my industry role models received this award before me and receiving the award myself was a very humbling experience.

My motivation to be a leader:
For me, there is a mix of excitement and challenge that comes with leadership. I love being part of a team, where I can help people grow, have fun, and ultimately accomplish our goals together. “Leadership is diving for a loose ball, getting the crowd involved, getting other players involved. It’s being able to take it as well as dish it out. That’s the only way you’re going to get respect from the players.” ~ Larry Bird

My role model: I feel very blessed to say that I have had some of the best role models that have motivated me through my personal life and professional career. Great managers and best-in-class coaches have impacted my life in such a positive way. Of everyone though, my mom is my biggest role model and motivator. She is hardworking, supportive, selfless, strong, sacrificial, beautiful, and full of unconditional love!

My advice for future women in leadership: First, work hard. Second, set your leadership values and goals and strive to stay true to those. Third, talk less and listen more.

Meet Amanda Hill

Assistant Department Manager - MRO

Educational Background: UW-La Crosse, Sociology - Emphasis in Criminal Justice

Professional Background: I was a location manager for a local cooperative for seven years. My husband and I are small business owners: previously owning a trucking company and currently owning a convenience store. My current role for Nelson-Jameson is the Assistant Department Manger in MRO and Product Manager for Building and Facility Maintenance.

What brought you me Nelson-Jameson: I have been with NJ for just shy of four years. Nelson-Jameson has always been a familiar name in my household. My husband and I owned a trucking company and have worked with the NJ logistics team. When I was looking to make a career change, I reflected back on the positive experiences we had with Nelson-Jameson and it's employees. Those experiences inspired me to apply for a Technical Service Specialist position in the MRO Department.

Career Milestone: When I first considered moving into a Product Manager position, I was intimidated by a segment of the product line I ultimately came to manage. With some encouragement, and sound advice from a coworker who had previous experience with it, I chose to tackle the challenge head on. With a little time, and a lot of hard work, that segment has become the fastest growing, most successful portion of my line. I am grateful for that coworker's honest and candid words. She warned that it was going to be hard, but if I truly gave it an honest effort, a lot of success and enjoyment could be found within it. She couldn't have been more right!

My motivation to be a leader:
Oddly enough, when I came to Nelson-Jameson, I was looking to take a step back from leadership. I had a long stretch of holding a leadership position and thought that I wanted to experiment with a career on a different path. As I continued to grow in my role at NJ, I rediscovered that I thrive in leadership environments, and was excited to once again seek out an opportunity in professional leadership within the company.

My role model: Inspiration comes in many forms. My father is the epitome of a logical, independent thinker; while my mother always instilled in us the importance of a strong support system. Nelson-Jameson and it's leaders are very well aligned with those building blocks. I find myself surrounded every day with additional role models and peers cheering each other on and helping one another reach beyond their goals.

My advice for future women in leadership: It's important to earn your stripes by learning, understanding, and participating in as many aspects of your business as possible. Don't be afraid to ask questions or admit you do not know the answer—honesty and transparency will carry you far. Be a good listener and know you are important in any conversation or meeting you are invited to attend. Speak your mind with intelligence and kindness.

Meet Kara Lineal

Vice President of Marketing

Educational Background: UNC Charlotte Belk College of Business - MBA, Marketing Concentration

UW-Madison - Bachelor of Science in Art, Graphic Design Concentration

Professional Background: I have spent the last 20+ years with industry-leading consumer brands that serve global retailers and e-commerce storefronts. I have a proven track record developing brand-building campaigns, launching e-commerce channels, and delivering award-winning product launches. From Champion brand sport bags and Jockey brand bedding, to consumer electronics, mobile apps and smart home sensors, my career has spanned a broad range of product development, merchandising and digital marketing.

What brought you me Nelson-Jameson: The amazing culture and growth opportunity brought me to NJ. The NJ team is talented, driven and positioned for breakout growth in the market. I have been with the organization for 6 weeks.

Career Milestone: I was honored with a Daily Herald Business Ledger C-Suite of the Year Award. The mission of the C-Suite Awards is to honor executives who contribute to the success of the region's economic growth and stability. Consideration is given to their company's overall growth, commitment to good ethics, and involvement in the community. I garnered this prestigious recognition after spearheading an initiative to provide COVID-19 safety and informational signs in March of 2020, available free for download. Since pandemic-specific signage wasn’t previously available, the sign designs met an immediate need for a wide variety of organizations. I created more than 150+ designs for municipalities, food banks, businesses, housing authorities, medical facilities, and more, generating more than 650,000+ downloads in over 150 countries.

My motivation to be a leader: My motivation for stepping into leadership was my desire to make an impact and drive aggressive growth. I love bringing people together and aligning towards specific goals that help move the needle and make a difference for our brand, organization, customers and industry.

My role model: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Marie Tharp, Frida Kahlo—women who were pioneers in their fields and paved the way for other women.

My advice for future women in leadership: Never give up! Fail fast, keep moving forward. Learn from mistakes. Your biggest challenges and critics will help you evolve into your best self.

Meet Nikki Lossman

Director of Human Resources

Educational Background: 1 year of college, general education

Professional Background: Human Resources

What brought you me Nelson-Jameson: George Douma, a retiree of NJ. I've now been here for 26 years.

Career Milestone: Being hired as the receptionist and working hard to get promoted to Director of HR.

My motivation to be a leader: Inspiring others to grow by using me and other resources.

My advice for future women in leadership: If you work hard, put in the time, and soak up the knowledge needed—anything is possible!

Meet Lisa Schulz

Department Manager - Packaging, Ingredients, and Chemicals

Educational Background: Bachelor of Science

Professional Background: Nelson-Jameson! I have worked in the Customer Service department, been an Inside Account Manager, National Account Administrator, Product Manager, and now Department Manager.

What brought me to Nelson-Jameson: I had just graduated college, got married and was looking for a job. I was not able to find something in my field of study at the time and Nelson-Jameson was hiring for Customer Service. So, I applied and found a career. I was originally hired in 1995, however, I took time off when our children were born, so I have officially been with Nelson-Jameson 20-1/2 years.

Career Milestone: When I was given the responsibility of managing the Ingredients portfolio—specifically DSM Ingredients.

My motivation to be a leader: The undeniable urge to always be just a little bit better.

My role model: My role model is my father—specifically because his ability to be stern, yet insightful and always admired by his peers.

My advice for future women in leadership: Stick with it. Be fierce. Be willing to take the challenges and hard work will pay off.

Meet Addie Seefeldt

Assistant Department Manager - Laboratory Products

Educational Background: UW-River Falls, Bachelor of Science - Animal Science

Professional Background: I've been in the dairy and food industry for 15 years. Prior to coming to Nelson-Jameson, I worked 13 years in a food and environmental laboratory, testing water and wastewater, cheese and food products, and payment milk samples.

What brought me to Nelson-Jameson: I've been at Nelson-Jameson now for 2-1/2 years. Knowing people who worked here, and after hearing what a great company Nelson-Jameson is, I decided to apply for one of the open positions back in 2020—and the rest is history!

Career Milestone: I consider my current role at Nelson-Jameson an accomplishment and a milestone in my career. I'm proud of what I've been able to do since coming here, and I'm proud to be able to represent the company in this capacity. All of my past experiences over the years have played a part in who I've become professionally and everything I've been able to accomplish throughout my career.

My motivation to be a leader: I was motivated to step into a leadership role because of the amazing team here at Nelson-Jameson. The support has been incredible, and I enjoy learning everyday. I want to help others learn, grow, and succeed in their roles as well.

My role model: I've been fortunate to have several women supervisors throughout my career—both past and present. I consider them all important role models as they each have motivated me to be the best version of myself. I'm extremely lucky to continue to work closely with all of them!

My advice for future women in leadership: If you are aspiring to be a leader, don't hesitate to ask for guidance or help along the way. There are a lot of people on your side who want to see you succeed and are willing to help in any way they can.

Meet Laura Shinsky

Department Manager - Process Flow Systems

Educational Background: Bachelor in Business Administration

Professional Background: Varied industries—dairy plant, hospital, software company, and retail. Roles included supply chain & purchasing, project management and process improvement.

What brought me to Nelson-Jameson: I have been at Nelson-Jameson for 4-1/2 years. I was an NJ customer previously. I applied for a position at NJ as I was impressed with how professional and responsive the team was.

Career Milestone: My adaptability—I have been able to successfully adapt my skills to different industries.

My motivation to be a leader: I love to improve processes and build teams, helping others to build on their strengths.

My role model: A like-minded previous coworker has been a great sounding board and provides regular input and advice. I have also had two bosses that were a great balance of guiding through problems/details without micro-managing.

My advice for future women in leadership: Be authentic! Also, its important to be a good listener and be willing to learn.