Most food processing facilities these days have metal detection equipment in place.  It is designed to detect contaminants from a variety of sources and prevent them from entering the finished food product.  Current hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) programs place emphasis on assuring that no contaminants reach the end user. There are numerous contaminants that can be detected by metal detectors, but one that most people wouldn’t think of is disposable gloves.

Disposable gloves are used in food processing facilities every day, and the risk of a piece tearing off or even an entire glove getting into the product can be a major concern. There are no detectors for your average vinyl, nitrile or even latex gloves when they are used in food processing facilities and get into the product. One way of combating the risk of harming your product and in turn losing both time and money is to use metal detectable gloves, along with some sort of metal detection equipment that your product goes through.

One solution to reducing the risk of food contamination in the plant is the Detect-a-glove line of metal detectable gloves. These blue, vinyl gloves are detectable in electromagnetic range of 50Khz-1Mhz, which ensures that a small torn piece will not pass through your metal detectable equipment. These gloves are blue in color, which makes them visibly identifiable even sooner, in case of a dropped or torn glove.

Invest in the good name of your company, by preventing costly recalls with the only metal-detectable gloves on the market today.  Detect-a-glove.  Nelson-Jameson is the exclusive U.S. distributor  to the food industry.