We have all heard of “helicopter parents,” those that coddle and hover over their kids. Remarkably annoying to educators, scout leaders, etc., one has to at least respect that they (in their own bothersome and overt way) essentially want to ensure their kid’s safety and well-being. Well, what about being a "helicopter" producer?

Truck on freewayDon’t you want to ensure the safety and quality of your product when raw ingredients come into your facility or when the finished product heads out on the truck to be sold? Do you worry that your product might be compromised by influences beyond your control? Are you keeping an eye out for things occurring in-house that might compromise your product? Starting to feel a bit more helicopter-y now?

Unlike those beleaguered authority figures dealing with helicopter parents, most consumers wouldn’t fault you for being too careful, nor would regulatory agencies, or stockholders!

1017330Thermotrack PC is a comprehensive program where Thermo Buttons (about the size of a quarter) can be missioned and placed in trucks, autoclaves, refrigerators, storage facilities, etc. You can set the button to record temperature (or humidity with Hygro Buttons) every few minutes to every few hours at specific intervals.

After the button is done with its “mission,” simply plug the Thermo Button into a USB reader, and Thermotrack PC does the rest. The result is temperature (or humidity) logging with little effort and time, readily available for you or your customers to see.

getphotoInterested? If you think you may be a helicopter producer and need to come to terms with it, stop by our booth #1419 at the International Cheese Technology Exposition next week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and attend our Idea Showcase - "Innovations in Dairy Plant Automation" presentation on Thursday, April 24 at 12:30 p.m. on Stage A.

You can also check out Thermotrack PC on nelsonjameson.com. You will be glad you took this big first step and take pride in being the helicopter producer that you truly are!