Wisconsin Farm Technology Days - what does that mean to Nelson-Jameson?  (Other than the fact it is being hosted on the north side of Marshfield this year, July 12th – 14th, which will make it interesting to get back and forth to work due to additional traffic of the anticipated 80,000 attendees!)  What it should mean is a chance to meet with our fast growing farm customers! We are experiencing a 23% increase in sales from last year of our test kits and other farm related items.

DSM and PortaCheck will be joining Nelson-Jameson in our booth. With 600 exhibitors we want to set ourselves apart from the many other educational and commercial booths.  With the expertise of DSM and PortaCheck I am excited to think of the information these two vendors can provide to farmers to improve their milking operations.

Within our booth we will be showing various milk testing supplies (such as test kits), pH testing supplies, and a new milk tubing called DairyFlow, plasticizer (phthalate) free hosing.

If you have an opportunity to visit Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, please stop by our booth located in Tent A, Booth 8, so you can see how we set ourselves apart from everyone else!