With the recent E.coli outbreak, there is a continuous need to be more diligent in regards to food safety.  We, as a food and dairy supplies distributor, and you, as a producer of quality food, can work together to maintain the goal of providing safe food to consumers. 

Produce comes from the field contaminated with soil including fecal material from rodents, birds and other animals. Often this material contains pathogenic microbes, including Listeria, Salmonella, and E.coli. This contamination must be removed prior to sale, especially with ready to eat food service items. Testing these products for fecal indicator organisms such as coliform and E.coli will confirm that produce, whether shipped or received has been properly cleaned.

Nelson-Jameson Inc. has products, such as the Produce Test Kit, which are convenient and ready-to-use at shipping and receiving facilities. Protect yourself and your customers with a food safety surveillance program using this or other reliable products from Nelson-Jameson.

For more information on the recent E.coli outbreak, read the following articles:
FDA Statement on E.coli O104 Outbreak In Europe - 6/3/2011
CDC: Investigation Update: Outbreak of Shiga toxin-producing E.coli o104 Infections - 6/3/2011

For more information on our E.coli/Coliform Produce Test Kit.