It might surprise some of our customers, but there is A LOT going on behind the scenes here at Nelson-Jameson. One of the areas that has been hopping lately is the marketing department…where we have recently finished or are in the process of finishing five promotions, as well as kicking off working on the new 2011-2012 Buyers Guide.

Soon many of our customers will be receiving our Insect-O-Cutor® Sale Flyer, updated Color-Coded Specialty Catalog and New Products Catalog (NPC). We have also recently sent out our Sanitation Basics Sale Flyer and Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums Flyer.

Now I know many of you are saying that we are breaking a cardinal rule of marketing: don’t send your customers too much at once! It is true we try to follow that rule, but there is just so much happening and so many deals that we want to share with our customers.  For example, our Insect-O-Cutor® flyer is offering a free upgrade to shatterproof bulbs on any unit on the flyer, which offers a HUGE savings. And our Color-Coded features four pages of additional products, many of which are the orange items our customers were requesting. Our NPC Flyer showcases all the new products we have added since our last Buyers Guide.

If you are interested in any of these new flyers, you can check out our website or give us a call (800-826-8302). Also, watch our blog for updates about the creation of our new 2011-2012 Buyers Guide.  The process takes six months, but the final product is always worth it!