17459In the food industry and many other industries for that matter, employees work around sharp and abrasive objects. To protect hands from injury, many employees wear cut-resistant gloves - but not all cut-resistant gloves are created equal.

This list below shows how resistant a material is to cuts when exposed to a cutting edge under specific loads.  ANSI results are provided in terms of grams of weight applied to the specific material being tested. The number represents the weight needed to cut through material with 25mm of blade travel. Notice that cut levels range from 0 to 5, with 5 being the best.

ANSI cut level 0        ANSI cut level 1        >200
ANSI cut level 2        >500
ANSI cut level 3        >1000
ANSI cut level 4        >1500
ANSI cut level 5        >3500

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