October is a month of crunchy leaves, harvest festivals, and refined sugar. Thankfully for cheese lovers, it is also a time to bask in the glory of cheese. American Cheese Month, presented by the American Cheese Society, is this October! Get out your cheese tester, your cheese slicer, and your general regard for this food staple. Across the nation, folks are gearing up for tastings, workshops, meeting their favorite cheese makers, and many other events. You can check out the full calendar of events occurring across the nation right here.

The American Cheese Society site features ideas that can help you get your operation and/or love of cheese involved in this national celebration. Chefs, cheesemakers, cheese enthusiasts, and many more are encouraged to spread the word on appreciating cheese. The celebration is meant to: “To recognize and raise awareness of the quality and diversity of American cheeses” and “To support and promote great cheese, local foods, family farms, traditional methods, and sustainable production models.”

Wedge yourself into the fun and enjoy a month of foliage and fromage! Be sure to let Nelson-Jameson know about the ways that you may be celebrating and/or getting your company involved with American Cheese Month by posting a response below. We would love to hear how you are marking this second annual event!  Also, be sure to check out our Cheese Month Promo, where you can win one of our popular cheese slicers!