Originally from the Japanese car industry, the 5S method is now commonplace in production facilities globally. It provides a streamlined work environment that can lower costs, increase efficiency, and produce better product and a more motivated staff.  5S lays the groundwork for a visual workplace – for improving quality, organization, efficiency, housekeeping AND safety in your organization.

5S consists of these components:

Sort – go thru each area and eliminate all tools and supplies not used in that process.

Set in Order -  arrange the work area for maximum efficiency, everything in its place.

Shine -  a systematic approach to cleaning and scheduled maintenance of all equipment.

Standardizing - everything looks the same and is simplified.

Sustaining – keeping up what has been accomplished.

Your company will need to spend some time and money to begin implementation of a 5S program. Consider training time,  clean-up and organization time, signage and equipment for labeling, and time spent to sustain the program.  Your company’s costs will depend on where you are to start. If your facility is extremely unorganized now, figure that it will cost more to implement 5S, but your results will be more dramatic.  Be sure to take BEFORE and AFTER photos – they are great motivators.

An effective product to use with your 5S program is Store-Boards. Custom Store-Boards, at a glance, inform employees where tools are to be stored. A place for everything...and everything in its place! Please call us to start creating your custom board or watch this video for more information.