This is the second article in a series of three articles focusing on 5S methods.

In last week's article, we took a brief look into the 5S method. This step-by-step method of workplace organization has been successfully incorporated into an array of settings: from industrial work floors to governmental offices. In this second of three pieces examining 5S, we’ll focus on a relatively simple but extremely effective product that can be used in a 5S program: our custom-made Store-Boards™.

The Store-Board™ is a practical way to address the “straightening,” “shining,” “standardizing,” and “sustaining” portions of the 5S method. These custom-made boards allow you to pick the material, equipment depicted, color, size, and hanging device. You can also add your company’s color-coding chart, company name, and logo. The Store-Board™ is an easy way to further refine or to start your 5S program.

After discerning what are the necessary tools and materials in the different areas of your facility, the boards provide a clear visual that straightens out tools for easy viewing. This, in turn, assists in helping keep work areas clean, efficient, and safe. The use of these boards throughout your facility standardizes expectations and the organization of materials for all employees, no matter the department or workspace. In the challenging mode of “sustaining” 5S in your facility, the boards act as a simple and accessible tool to keep these standards going.

To find out more about the benefits of 5S in a food industry setting specifically, you can count on Nelson-Jameson, Inc. as a resource for your 5S questions. We provide numerous products to reach your 5S goals including The Store-Board™. For more information on The Store-Boardclick here to see a video.

Next week, we’ll take a look at color-coding systems and their usability in a 5S program.