A few weeks ago Nelson-Jameson attended a Vendor Expo put on by one of our customers. There we were able to sit and talk directly with key Sanitation personnel from all of their facilities around the world, as well as show them some of our latest and greatest products. A large part of the evening was spent listening to customer requests, obstacles and victories. In some cases, we had the new products they were looking for right at our booth, and in other cases we had to get back to them with details.

 By listening to our customers we are able to become more in tuned with the needs of the industry and challenges our customers are facing. We then take that feedback to our manufacturing partners to find product that meets the need and offer a solution.

 We also are able to find out what is working well with our customers. Which products have been found to perform well in certain applications, and if product that is designed for this application is being used successfully in that application.

 Staying in touch with our customers and listening to the challenges they face allows us to continue to provide solutions needed in the food processing industry. In the end, the best source of knowledge about a product is from the people who are actually using them on a daily basis.