As consumers continue to become more aware of food safety, manufacturers and suppliers have put more emphasis on ensuring all parts of the supply chain are doing everything they can. Nelson-Jameson, Inc. continues to have more requests of our food safety programs and processes.

This month I attended a supply chain food safety workshop that was hosted by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy. Attendees included many of our major customers. The goal of this workshop was to instill the need for continued and enhanced vigilance in the area food safety. As many people are aware one recall can change the consumer’s mind about products.

In the world of food safety Nelson-Jameson, Inc. is a leader among distribution. Our goal is to ensure that we provide a safe supply chain for the products that we sell to our customers. As all of our warehouse facilities know we have high standards to live up to. There are many processes and procedures in place to ensure we are protecting the products we sell. Sometimes it’s not easy to maintain the standards but everyone does it with a sense of pride. I would welcome any customer into any of our facilities at any point in time and know that they would be impressed with our operations.

Last week, our Marshfield headquarters had their latest inspection of the warehouse. Our staff worked diligently in order to maintain the standards expected with all of the transitions relating to the new warehouse. We are happy to say that it went very well and we are one step further ahead for our customers by ensuring the safety of the food supply.