Marshfield Civic Band

At the turn of the century, in 1895, the Badger State Band was established and performed as a civic band for four years before being named the Second Regiment Band of the Wisconsin National Guard. For the next 62 years, the band performed as part of the military, holding summer concerts by musicians who were ineligible for military service. The band once mainly consisted of men but now comprises many diverse talents and musicians. The Civic Band channels the power of music to bring people together—adding vibrancy, enhanced well-being, and expanded experiences for all who participate.

Foundation Mission

The Nelson-Jameson Foundation (NJF) is focused on supporting philanthropic organizations that enhance our core value as a Golden Rule Company. Grants are targeted toward charitable programs that are related to the food and dairy industries or support charities that are important to Nelson-Jameson employees and the communities in which they reside.