As many of  you know mercury thermometers cannot ship to California, but there are several other states that have mercury thermometer bans such as: Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.  With that said there are validation tests for which a mercury thermometer (e.g. maximum registering) is necessary, for example autoclaves require monitoring of temperature.  Obviously, a spirit filled thermometer does not work for this type of application, because once you take it out of the autoclave the spirit falls immediately upon whatever temperature it is exposed to. What do these mercury banned states have to fall back on?

We have found an answer, and have a new data logger that can be used in autoclaves.  The HiTemp 135⁰C Temperature Logger is a rugged, submersible, battery operated, stand alone device which can be used to automatically record temperatures between -40 to 135C.  There is software that goes with this item, so one can download all the times and temperatures into their computer.  The software makes record keeping for audits a snap, providing validation reports and is perfect for cooler monitoring, as well.

This is the perfect item to "fit the bill" when maximum registering thermometers are banned, as well as for those that want a more advanced form of valid reporting.