Social media seems to be the business-to-business topic of 2010.  Facebook, Twitter, and blogs are all becoming innovative ways to reach a large number of customers quickly ... whether it be about industry information, product-based solutions, or general company communcation.

As we work on a redesign of our web site and review our business processes, we plan to incorporate the use of social media.  Please be patient with us - many of us are "old school" and still trying to wrap our arms around the concept of blogging.  But, with the help of the younger generation we employ (and a wonderful web development firm), we are embracing this concept of two-way communication with our customers, prospective customers, and vendors.

Please feel free to subscribe to blog updates, as there will be a lot of interesting information funneling through our blog,  The Wide Line.  And, as always, your feedback, comments and suggestions are encouraged ... and appreciated.

We're excited about this new venue of communication.  And we hope you'll be on board and join us as we go forward.