Nelson-Jameson Foundation Invests in Nation's Largest Research Dairy—University of Idaho's Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment

Distributor provides resources to support dairy education and industry growth

Marshfield, WI, - November 20, 2023 | The Nelson-Jameson Foundation announced its role supporting the development of the nation’s largest research dairy, the University of Idaho’s Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment (CAFE) through a $50,000 contribution. Idaho CAFE is being created to support the growth of local Idaho agriculture and the national dairy industry. Future research at the site will develop creative solutions to advance the sustainability of dairy, food processing, livestock, and crop protection.

“We are so pleased to be part of the important work that CAFE is doing to support local agricultural practices and lead the dairy industry into the future. Food systems are facing myriad challenges, and the CAFE Project is solving these challenges with forward-thinking, innovative approaches to food and dairy production and distribution,” says Mat Bartkowiak, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility & Development at Nelson-Jameson.

CAFE brings together a cross-section of multidisciplinary scientists to study the animal and plant agriculture using a systems approach. Construction for phase one, at $22.5 million, is currently underway. When completed, the facility will be at the cutting edge for the industry and scheduled to be operational by late 2024. Researchers will examine the viability of dairy production in light of evolving economic conditions, cultural preferences, and environmental pressures and also study potential revenue diversification for dairy farmers. Operating as a demonstration dairy farm, it will have the capacity to house 2,000 cows when fully completed – a scale representative of dairying in the West.

“The beauty of Idaho CAFE is the linkages between the research dairy, agricultural production and our partners in industry,” said Michael P. Parrella, Dean of the University of Idaho’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. “Nelson-Jameson’s commitment to the project underlines industry’s need for sustainability research that will ensure the health and productivity of the industry for generations. We could not accomplish this effort without the support of generous partners like Nelson-Jameson.”

In keeping with the University of Idaho’s mission of research-driven innovation, students at the University of Idaho will have access to educational opportunities and research programs in connection with CAFE.