Nelson-Jameson Foundation Supports More Than 20 Community Organizations in Its Inaugural Year

Food and Beverage Processing Distributor Prioritizes Community Philanthropy and Investment in People

MARSHFIELD, WI - December 14, 2023 | Food and beverage processing distributor Nelson-Jameson announced details of its philanthropic program this year with contributions from the Nelson-Jameson Foundation (NJF). Nelson-Jameson launched NJF in September 2022 as a 501(c)(3) private foundation to formalize its longstanding culture of philanthropy and community stewardship. Since then, NJF has provided direct donations, volunteer-based support, scholarships, matching gifts, and financial grants to more than 20 non-profits and charitable organizations in the greater Marshfield, Wisconsin area and across the nation.

“Philanthropy and community support have been part of Nelson-Jameson’s culture since it was founded more than 76 years ago,” says Amanda Nelson Sasse, President of the Nelson-Jameson Foundation. “We’re proud to build on this important legacy while also stepping up to meet the growing needs of our community partners.”

Central to Nelson-Jameson’s philanthropic approach is its investment in people through education, including its own Golden Rule Scholarships and scholarships with University of Wisconsin-River Falls, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and University of Wisconsin-Madison. These scholarships provide well-deserving students the opportunity for higher education opportunities to pursue greater academic goals without the increased financial stress of college. NJF has also donated to the University of Idaho’s Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment to support the development of the country’s largest research dairy that will preserve the well-being of the industry for generations.

Nelson-Jameson has launched several projects this year that have contributed to NJF’s goals including leading a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and creating a Dairy Art Calendar. Additionally, a percentage of the proceeds from We Supply America’s “Force for Good” online store is being donated to NJF. Nelson-Jameson also has a strong partnership with Marshfield Area United Way, where employees have volunteered for community programs working to improve mental and physical health, expand education, grow livelihoods, and address essential needs (food, shelter, and clothing).

“An investment in people has been part of our culture since day one,” says Nelson Sasse. “Nelson-Jameson strives to maintain a culture of honesty, integrity, and kindness. The Foundation allows us to invest in these values for the benefit of our employees, their families, and our community.”

In addition to participating in company-wide efforts, Nelson-Jameson employees can receive eight hours of paid time off per year during normal work hours to volunteer at charitable organizations of their choice. NJF also provides a matching gift program that matches employee donations to 501(c)(3) charities, with gifts up to $1,000 per year per employee. 

NJF plans to continue to increase its giving to align with anticipated company growth and expansion into new markets, including Nelson-Jameson’s newest strategic distribution center in Jerome, ID located at 2423 South Garfield which is scheduled to open next year. In addition to its headquarters in Marshfield, Wisconsin, the food and beverage distributor also has strategic distribution centers in Turlock, CA, Amarillo, TX, Twin Falls, ID, and York, PA.

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